Summer Grass Program


Doubles is a fantastic game! Doubles has its own strategies for offense and defense. It's own serve-receive strategies. It even has its own language/terminology.  We're proud to continue our summer doubles grass program!  Doubles becomes addictively fun as its own game and will give you a whole new avenue of this great sport to love.  But learning doubles will also dramatically improve your indoor game!

Boys are welcome! We will run co-ed unless we get enough boys to set up a set of separate boys teams for the tournament.

Summer 2024 Grass Program Summary 

  • Open to ages 13-18 - Co-ed program!
  • 6 week Program: Starts Tuesday, June 4 - Last Practice Thursday, July 11
  • Practice twice a week for 2 hours
    • Tue/Thur - 6pm - 8pm at Redstone Park in Highlands Ranch (very close to our gym location).
  • Learn Doubles Rules and differences from Indoor
  • Learn the "language" of doubles - terminology
  • Learn defense and serve-receive strategy for doubles
  • Final week - Saturday, July 13 - there will be an ALL-DAY tournament!
    • Our program members will enter first. 
    • Program members enter at no additional charge
    • After a time we will open entry to the general public - entry fee $50/team
    • Pool Play will then reseed into brackets.
    • 2 Sets to 25 (no third sets)
    • PRIZES for 1st and 2nd
  • Grass program cost is $400 per player
  • Entry into tournament for NON-PROGRAM players is $50 /team.
  • Players who participate in the grass program enter the tournament for free. 
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