Club Fees

The Edge Volleyball Club features one of most competitive fee packages for club volleyball in the Rocky Mountain Region. We are NOT the cheapest club, but we believe we provide some of the best VALUE at our price. We practice in our top-notch, dedicated gym location. Our teams are all about our players. We do not charge as much for non-traveling teams as we do our traveling teams. No team at the Edge exists to pay for other team expenses. Each team is valued on its own.

The following is a breakdown of our 2023 Season fees and fundraising opportunities: See information below regarding


Club fees for the 2024 Season

The EDGE Volleyball Club reserves the right to change the tournament package below based on tournament availability, as well as on a per team or club-wide basis. Accepting a spot on a team is a CONTRACTUAL commitment to attend ALL days of ALL tournaments.

Fees include: Listed tournaments, team poster, uniform package (Sponsored by Under Armour). Under Armour uniform package includes:

  • 2 team jerseys
  • spandex shorts
  • kneepads
  • socks
  • warm-ups (jacket and pants)
  • backpack

Fees DO NOT include:  The athlete's USAV Membership ($55 paid to USA Volleyball). This membership is required for all rostered, and practice players. Additional fee for teams that make it to Junior National Championships at the end of June. Travel expenses including air, hotel, meals for all out of town tournaments. However, athletes are REQUIRED to stay at Stay-&-play hotels when traveling to out-of-state tournaments. This is a USA Volleyball rule. This is not in the club’s control. Stay-&-play registration links will be provided. 

Girls National Teams:

These girls teams will play in regional Power tournaments, RMR Classic, RMR Friendship, and RMR Showdown or a showcase tournament, and up to two (depending on age and level) out-of-state National Qualifers TBA. Will play in regional Zelinkoff Bid Qualifer if they qualify.

  • Girls 12s – $3,500 
  • Girls 13s – $3,500
  • Girls 14s – $3,900
  • Girls 15s – $4,200
  • Girls 16s – $4,200
  • Girls 17s – $4,200
  • Girls 18s – $3,700

ALL TEAMS that qualify for Nationals will be required to pay an additional $350 per player to cover the tournament.  National 1s will all travel to either USAV Nationals (if qualified) or AAU Nationals at the end of June/early July. 

Girls Regional Teams:

These teams will play in regional Power tournaments, RMR Friendship and RMR Classic tournaments, and RMR Showdown.  Will play in regional Zelinkoff Bid Qualifer if they qualify. 

  • Girls 12’s – $3,200
  • Girls 13’s – $3,200
  • Girls 14’s – $3,600
  • Girls 15’s – $3,900
  • Girls 16’s – $3,900
  • Girls 17’s – $3,900
  • 18s Teams are all National

ALL TEAMS that qualify for Nationals will be required to pay an additional $350 per player to cover the tournament.

Boys Teams:

All Boys teams will play in regional Power tournaments.  National teams will play in up to two out-of-state National Qualifers TBA. 

  • Boys National – $3,900
  • Boys Regional – $3,600

ALL TEAMS that qualify for Nationals will be required to pay an additional $350 per player to cover the tournament.

Practice Players:

Practice players are athletes added to teams to enhance team practices. Practice players do not play in tournaments. However, these players are essential to our club team practices. And agreeing to be a practice player IS a full commitment to be at practices.  These athletes are considered 100% a part of the team, and a part of our club. In addition to team practices, they are welcome to participate in all "club-only" events like Saturday Skills, club-only open gyms, service projects, all team bonding events, team dinners, etc. During non-Covid restricted years, practice players are allowed to attend any tournament they please. They can warm up with the team, sit on the sideline with their teams, and attend tournament team meals.  For the 2024 USAV season practice players package includes:

  • Practice t-shirts
  • Team poster
  • Uniform package (warm ups, backpack, jerseys, socks, knee pads, spandex) is NOT included. 

Practice player fee is $1500

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