Boys Club Volleyball

The 2022 - 2023 USAV boys season was the first year The EDGE entered boys teams into competition. 

Starting small, with ony two teams, our boys showed tremendous improving during our first season. But the best result of our boys program was proving that culture was king. 

Whether it be boys or girls, our focus in recruiting is finding talented athletes, with good skill sets, coachable mindset, but most of all an unselfish, collaborative attitude toward their team.  We value mindset and attitude over current skill.  We can teach skills.  But a great attitude, and a tendency toward team is absolutely required.  And while we do push our teams to compete at the highest levels, we absolutely live by the mantra that the best teams are ALWAYS the teams that play together. 

Our first boys teams validated our recruiting philosophy. CULTURE IS KING.  Our boys came together and worked hard to rise.  Our very first Boys 18s team qualified to attend 2023 USAV Boys national Championships in Salt Lake City where they won the Silver Bracket.

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